Live at SLEAZE

Video by Nigel Lyons

A year after tearing my Achille's tendon, I crawled onto the stage at SLEAZE, stood up, and danced in front of an audience for the first time. I told the story of OCTOPUS, the repressed creature within. I adapted to fit into a world hostile to queer people of color and it came with a cost: the emotional baggage of decades of trying to be someone else's vision for myself. I morphed, twisted, and bent over backwards in reaction to the overpowering weight until, finally, I fell down. I couldn't use my feet, but I dug deep into the dirt of my soul and found the brilliant diamond within. I found the strength to not only stand again, but to dance truly and freely for the first time. And now that I've had a taste...

I'm ready to exorcise all these motherfucking demons!